The Prices

Content Creation

Content Creation should not be limited to the newest smart phone. We guarantee you the highest content quality possible, by working with state of the art equipment and combining our skills in cinematography and studio photography.

Video Content

With HQ Videos (mostly in 9:16 Reel Format) you make sure to stand out from the crowd. We deliver 4K Video Quality with exactly the right pinch of salt added. Your Content will arrive fully edited and colour graded, trimmed and matched to trending audio and ready to be uploaded.  

- Min of 5 Reels
- 5 Hours Coverage
- Studio Lighting
- Post Production  

€ 1.100,-

Photo Content

You want your Content to look precise and mirror your brand Identity. With perfectly sized and edited Studio Production Images we make sure to boost your visibility to the next level by adapting to your needs and requirements.

- Min of 6 Hours Coverage
- 35 Pictures min. Output
- Studio Lighting
- Post Production  

€ 1.600,-

Full Content PAckage

Say goodbye to Social-Post-worries with our hustle free full content package! We've got you covered, from creating eye-catching reels and videos, HQ photos and all the post-production magic included. It's the ultimate Social Media-experience without the hassle! 

- Min of 5 Reels and 35 Pictures
- 7 Hours Coverage
- Studio Lighting
- Post Production and Editing  

€ 2.300,-

Monthly Content Subscription

You do not want to run out of content and take the Social Media game seriously. The perfect solution for your hospitality business. A monthly Content Plan. The "Full Content Package" with all services included, monthly applied.

- Min. of 6 months runtime
- Charged monthly
- Min. of 7 Hours Coverage
- Content based on your needs

€ 1.950,-

All prices without 20% Ust.

Web Design

Having an online presence as a hospitality brand is a non negotiable asset for a successful business in the 21st century. Your visual representation of your hotel, bar or restaurant is the key to your customers emotions. We are here to trigger them correctly and create user-friendly and brand specific websites which engage and bind your customer.

Brand/Social Media Management

No time to take care of everything yourself, as you are too busy making your guests happy? We got you covered. Let us take care of everything. Content Creation, Ad Targeting, Social Media Management, Website maintenance - all done by 1 company. No need to book photoshoots, trying to contact your web-designer for the 10th time or expensive wannabe influencer video-shoots. Let us sprinkle some fairy dust over your brand.

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