A cocktail strainer with a nick and nora glass. Wine glasses cheering. A skier on a slope.
A motorbike in front of a waterfall in austria.Jakob Trost sitting on a bar stool in a moody cocktailbar.
A kite surfer POV.
cocktail shaker.Wineglasses cheering on a table. a skier on a slope.
A motorbiker in the austrian alps.Jakob Trost sitting on a bar stool.
A Kitesurfer POV. A longtail boat in zanzibar.

Cocktails Shaken

> 10.000

FAvorite Pasta


favorite Drink

Vieux Carré

When I don´t work...

I try to find my next Kitesurf destination.  

Who are You?

I am Jakob Trost - an Austrian hospitality expert, currently based in Vienna. I offer a range of hospitality focused Design and Creative services based on a knowledge accumulated over 15+ years in the tourism sector.

What thrives you?

During my time in the hospitality business I have worked with companies, offices, restaurant and bars in different parts of the world, to achieve the same goal - creating lasting moments.

Whats your secrete formula?

It is all about authenticity, uniqueness, and time-bound excellence. We bring fresh ideas, deliver exceptional results on time, and never settle for the status quo. If you want a business partner that stands out from the crowd and gets things done with style, we are here to help.

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